The Scrutinise picture show for December, featuring stylish jumping, powering onwards to glory and an emotive exit to racecourse the stables (also showing off his fur coloured cheekpieces)

Plumpton 22/4/19: A first time in the winners' enclosure for Devious Dick's Dame and she seems to appreciate the reception

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Plumpton 7/4/19: Finnegan's Garden developing a liking for this spot.

Plumpton 6/1/19: Brandy Cross might have blagged a more prominent spot for this pic if only there was not a smudge on the camera lens. Clearly it is his own fault and not webmaster's in any shape or form

Plumpton 1/12/19: Andy, Gemma, Page and Charlotte all utterly delighted for Scrutinise's win. The horse himself is still trying to digest the experience.

The O'Rahilly picture show for December. In the first picture he has clearly overheard a bit of controversial conversation between Andy, Charlotte and Page, although it is possible that he started it on the walk down from the stables.

The O'Rahilly Plumpton November 2019 picture show - featuring the expression that a horse makes when they think they are in the process of doing something badly wrong, then wanting to stand where somebody else it, then taking the race seriously.

Brother Bennett is quietly satisfied with a spin around Lingfield - March 2017

The Impulsive Leader picture show for December. She seems a little shocked to find dry land on the other side of the fence but perhaps the pre-race tug of war with Andy did not focus her expecations perfectly.

The Game Is A Foot (and Friends) January 2020 Gallery, He graciously conceded the umbrella to his fans...

Plumpton Easter 2018 - Finnegan's Garden returns in triumph (trainer's bobble hat behind)

Plumpton 25/2/19: Brandy Cross has a very business like demeanour about contesting his novices' hurdle 

Clondaw Robin January 2020 Gallery, which particularly highlights him being blase and too inquisitive at the middle fence in the home straight at Plumpton

Plumpton 6/1/19: Because people are strange, it is popular demand that has led to a picture appearing here of  Harry Hazard, Tom Cheesman and Gemma appearing to walk down a steep slope that does not exist.

Plumpton 12/5/19: Post-race Devious Dick's Dame has the "butter wouldn;t melt in her mouth" look down to a tee

The Finnegan's Garden Plumpton November 2019 picture show - with extra alertness

Plumpton 17/12/18: Dylanseoghan seems to think that the fourth placed unsaddling area is the naughty corner

Plumpton Dec17 - yet after winning, Finnegan's Garden is desperate for camera attention

The Scrutinise Plumpton November 2019 picture show - featuring a winning bound for his initial win and all out with zest for the second

Plumpton 25/2/19: More Harry Hazard from that day

Stratford 19/10/19: Brother Bennett tries to parade majestically but an ill-placed sign has given him an idea...

Lingfield 10/12/18: After the race the plan was to all creep up on Impulsive Leader and catch her by surprise. Why this was the plan is lost to history, but it seems to be working.

The Brother Bennett Plumpton November 2019 picture show - a horse who will reliably pull faces for the camera!

Racehorse Trainer at shovelstrode stud stables - NEAR EAST GRINSTEAD in the heart of Sussex

The Harry Hazard Plumpton November 2019 picture show

Devious Dicks Dame January 2020 Gallery, before and after Plumpton pics (hopefully no need to point out which is which), followed by the Scrutinise January 2020 Gallery and a flight of hurdles that has become somehow the worse for wear

This is a summary of the story of Page's Boxing Day 2019. Is she really that cheerful, or just delirious? Brother Bennett (top) and The Game Is A Foot are less enthralled.

Zoe, Katie, The Game Is A Foot and the sign that matters - Plumpton March 2018

Plumpton Dec17 - for some reason Finnegan's Garden is very angry about being photographed

Enter the barmy world of Scrutinise - if you dare!

Plumpton Dec 2020 - two for the price of one. Mon Petit Cheri (12) powering up the hill to be second, and Brown Bullet battling on gamely for fourth in the opening novices' hurdle

The Dylanseoghan picture show for December - he too likes to show off his unusual colour of cheekpieces and has worked out that if he can see Nick Redman then he will be in photographs.

The Dylanseoghan Plumpton November 2019 picture show - some matter of fact jumping on display.

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Plumpton 17/12/18: Clondaw Robin about to make his hurdles debut.

After his Plumpton win Brother Bennett has an important, but incomprehensible, observation on the performance

Plumpton April 2018 - a win for Brother Bennett but it was even closer than this at the line

Finnegan's Garden going to post April 2018 - no posing for the camera at all here

Dylaneoghan January 2020 Gallery, including a bonus pic of Page pretending not to be wet through and freezing

Uttoxeter 25/11/18: In response to travelmate Finnegan's Garden winning best turned out, Dylanseoghan puts on his best Wellingtonian pose

Plumpton 7/4/19: Brother Bennett poses with his "ready to win" look

November 2018 - Natalie Collings snaps a great shot of Kilinakin wondering who his stealing his tree, and why they are doing it.


Lingfield 12/11/19: Ruacana returns in soggy triumph on his stable debut. He has been there, seen that and is less excited than the people

The Pete's Choice Plumpton November 2019 picture show - he is very shiny

Monty's Award picks his way through the puddles just before his debut for us : January 2021

Plumpton 25/2/19: Whereas Harry Hazard looks forward to the same race as more of a social experience

Lingfield 5/3/18 - Finnegan's Garden expects a big reception, not realising that it was the last race of the day

Plumpton 25/2/19: Post-race Hazard, unimpressed by Tom having a toadstool on his head.

Queen Among Kings January 2020 Gallery, featuring her rather eyecatching silks and some neat jumping for a mare new to hurdling