Finnegan's Garden going to post April 2018 - no posing for the camera at all here

Venetian Proposal at Plumpton, November 2018, quite happy to sort of hug the rail (that is it in bottom left)

Plumpton Easter 2018 - Finnegan's Garden returns in triumph (trainer's bobble hat behind)

Pete's Choice with a circuit to race at Plumpton on 19/11/18 - unlike at Sandown he was very determined to stay in touch with those competing for place

New arrival June 2018 - Clondaw Robin

In a jolly mood, Kilinaking heads towards his chase debut

Zoe, Katie, The Game Is A Foot and the sign that matters - Plumpton March 2018

The Game Is A Foot to win at Lingfield imminently

Plumpton Dec17 - for some reason Finnegan's Garden is very angry about being photographed

New arrival June 2018 - Windy Bottom - no unsporting photo editing (yet...)

New arrival June 2018 - Glorious Buro, also good at finding lost contact lenses

Kilinakin wants to get his best side on camera. Turns out his best side is his nose


Plumpton 17/12/18: Pete's Choice tries to put the evil eye on the odds-on favourite. He failed to benefit directly from it, but still finished third

The Golden Hour, March 2017 - keeping her composure despite some wobbles in front of her

The Golden Hour has decided that 12 is her unlucky number

Plumpton 6/1/19: Because people are strange, it is popular demand that has led to a picture appearing here of  Harry Hazard, Tom Cheesman and Gemma appearing to walk down a steep slope that does not exist.

Windy Bottom completing at Plumpton on her Shovelstrode debut - 5/11/18

Lingfield 5/3/18 - a bad picture in bad light and a weird angle, but it is Finnegan's Garden getting our tenth winner of the season

Gustav looking very pleased with himself

Plumpton 17/12/18: Clondaw Robin about to make his hurdles debut.

Andy vs Gustav - more competitive than some recent heavyweight bouts

After his Plumpton win Brother Bennett has an important, but incomprehensible, observation on the performance

Gustav plays the "Push Andy Through The Fence" to Olympic standard

Brother Bennett after finishing second at Plumpton on 19/11/18 - he seems unimpressed with not being the winner.

Lingfield 5/3/18 - Finnegan's Garden expects a big reception, not realising that it was the last race of the day

New arrival June 2018 - Impulsive Leader and her strange insistent that her tail is lined up with the hedge

Lingfield 10/12/18: After the race the plan was to all creep up on Impulsive Leader and catch her by surprise. Why this was the plan is lost to history, but it seems to be working.

Plumpton 6/1/19: Brandy Cross might have blagged a more prominent spot for this pic if only there was not a smudge on the camera lens. Clearly it is his own fault and not webmaster's in any shape or form

Uttoxeter 25/11/18: In response to travelmate Finnegan's Garden winning best turned out, Dylanseoghan puts on his best Wellingtonian pose

Plumpton 6/1/19: Finnegan's Garden heroically produces the only sensible photo of the day

A grey horse in the last race of the day in December. It has taken lots of photo manipulation to produce this mediocre Brother Bennett photo

Plumpton 17/12/18: Dylanseoghan seems to think that the fourth placed unsaddling area is the naughty corner

November 2018 - Natalie Collings snaps a great shot of Kilinakin wondering who his stealing his tree, and why they are doing it.

Plumpton Dec17 - yet after winning, Finnegan's Garden is desperate for camera attention

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Plumpton April 2018 - a win for Brother Bennett but it was even closer than this at the line

Brother Bennett is quietly satisfied with a spin around Lingfield - March 2017

New arrival June 2018 - Pete's Choice

Racehorse Trainer at shovelstrode stud stables - NEAR EAST GRINSTEAD in the heart of Sussex