For a gallery of horses currently on the roster go to the Gallery page, but for here, see some snaps of past favourites below (click on the image to enlarge)


BEAUFORT WEST     (Taylor & O'Dwyer)

7 year old bay gelding: Getaway - Blessingindisguise


8 year old bay mare: Flemensfirth - Blarney Kestrel

BRANDY CROSS     (Surefire Racing)

7 year old bay gelding: Le Fou - Glenquin

BROWN BULLET     (Dan Shaw, Simon Clare & Andy Irvine)

6 year old bay mare: Arcadio - Barrack Buster

BROTHER BENNETT     (The Secret Circle)

11 year old grey gelding: Martaline - La Gaminerie

CAGLIOSTRO     (The Secret Circle Racing Club)

9 year old grey gelding: Lord Du Sud - Belle De Liziere

CLONDAW ROBIN     (The Plum Merchants)

8 year old chesnut gelding: Robin Des Champs - Old Town Queen

CREEPY KARPIS     (Taylor & O'Dwyer)

4 year old bay gelding: Youmzain - Waajida

DEVIOUS DICKS DAME     (The Secret Circle Racing Club)

6 year old bay filly: Dick Turpin - Bridle White

DREAM DU GRAND VAL     (Jokulhlaup Syndicate & Andy Irvine)

8 year old bay gelding: Puit D'Or - Apple Mille

DYLANSEOGHAN     (The Lump O'Clock Syndicate)
12 year old bay gelding: Pierre - Sabbatical

FINNEGAN'S GARDEN     (Kenny Corke)

12 year old bay gelding: Definite Article – Tri Folene

GLORIOUS BORU     (Eventmasters Racing)

10 year old bay gelding: Brian Boru - Sea Off The Gales

GUSTAV     (The Plum Merchants)

11 year old bay gelding: Mahler - Pakardyssa

HARRY HAZARD     (Adrian Lewers)

7 year old bay gelding: Schiaparelli - Eveon

HESBEHINDYOU     (The Plum Merchants)

5 year old bay gelding: Curtain Time - Veronica's Gift

HONEST OSCAR     (Adrian Lewers & The Lump O'Clock Syndicate)

6 year bay mare: Oscar - Honest Chance

IMPULSIVE LEADER     (Kenny Corke)

8 year old bay mare: Westerner - Impulsive Ita

KING OF THE SHARKS     (The Go Faster Syndicate)

8 year old bay gelding: Flemensfirth - Kings Rose

MON PETIT CHERI     (Executors of the late Dick Devereux)

5 year old bay filly: Nayef - Mon Petit Diamant

MONTY'S AWARD     (Jokulhlaup Syndicate)

9 year old bay gelding: Oscar - Montys Miss

MR JACK     (The Breden Racing Partneship)

9 year old chesnut gelding: Papal Bull - Miss Barbados

O'RAHILLY     (Lump O'Clock & The Secret Circle)

9 year old bay gelding: Aristotle -  Linoora

OUR DOT'S BABY     (Dan Shaw)

9 year old bay mare: Helissio - Our Dot

PETE'S CHOICE     (Jokulhlaup Syndicate)

8 year old bay/brown gelding: Arcadio - Definite Design

QUEEN AMONG KINGS     (Surefire Racing)

7 year old bay mare: Sans Frontieres - Miss Legend

RUACANA     (Vaughan Lewis)

12 year old bay gelding: Cape Cross - Farrfesheena

SCRUTINISE     (Paul & Louise Bowtell)

9 year old bay gelding: Intense Focus - Tetravella

TANACANDO     (The Secret Circle Racing Club)

9 year old bay gelding: Ballygarry - Tamaziya

WATAR ALLSTAR    (Dan Shaw & Family)

7 year old chesnut gelding: Watar - All Star Lady

Racehorse Trainer at shovelstrode stud stables - NEAR EAST GRINSTEAD in the heart of Sussex

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