For a gallery of horses currently on the roster go to the Gallery page, but for here, see some snaps of past favourites below (click on the image to enlarge)


7 year old bay mare: Flemensfirth - Blarney Kestrel

BRANDY CROSS     (Surefire Racing)

6 year old bay gelding: Le Fou - Glenquin

BROTHER BENNETT     (The Secret Circle)

10 year old grey gelding: Martaline - La Gaminerie

CAGLIOSTRO     (The Secret Circle Racing Club)

8 year old grey gelding: Lord Du Sud - Belle De Liziere

CLONDAW ROBIN     (The Plum Merchants)

7 year old chesnut gelding: Robin Des Champs - Old Town Queen

DEVIOUS DICKS DAME     (The Secret Circle Racing Club)

5 year old bay filly: Dick Turpin - Bridle White

DYLANSEOGHAN     (The Lump O'Clock Syndicate)
11 year old bay gelding: Pierre - Sabbatical

FINNEGAN'S GARDEN     (Kenny Corke)

11 year old bay gelding: Definite Article – Tri Folene

GLORIOUS BORU     (Eventmasters Racing)

9 year old bay gelding: Brian Boru - Sea Off The Gales

GUSTAV     (The Plum Merchants)

10 year old bay gelding: Mahler - Pakardyssa

HARRY HAZARD     (Adrian Lewers)

6 year old bay gelding: Schiaparelli - Eveon

HONEST OSCAR     (The Lump O'Clock Syndicate)

5 year bay mare: Oscar - Honest Chance

IMPULSIVE LEADER     (Kenny Corke)

7 year old bay mare: Westerner - Impulsive Ita

KILINAKIN     (The Lump O'Clock Syndicate)

10 year old chesnut gelding: Definite Article - Topanberry

KING OF THE SHARKS     (The Go Faster Syndicate)

7 year old bay gelding: Flemensfirth - Kings Rose

MON PETIT CHERI     (Executors of the late Dick Devereux)

4 year old bay filly: Nayef - Mon Petit Diamant

O'RAHILLY     (The Secret Circle)

8 year old bay gelding: Aristotle -  Linoora

OUR DOT'S BABY     (Dan Shaw)

8 year old bay mare: Helissio - Our Dot

PETE'S CHOICE     (Jokulhlaup Syndicate)

7 year old bay/brown gelding: Arcadio - Definite Design

QUEEN AMONG KINGS     (Surefire Racing)

6 year old bat mare: Sans Frontieres - Miss Legend

RUACANA     (Vaughan Lewis)

11 year old bay gelding: Cape Cross - Farrfesheena

SCRUTINISE     (Paul & Louise Bowtell)

8 year old bay gelding: Intense Focus - Tetravella

THE GAME IS A FOOT     (The Secret Circle Racing Club)

13 year old bay gelding: Oscar - Cooksgrove Rosie

WATAR ALLSTAR    (Dan Shaw & Family)

6 year old chesnut gelding: Watar - All Star Lady

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