Racehorse Trainer at shovelstrode stud stables - NEAR EAST GRINSTEAD in the heart of Sussex

Gemma Gracey-Davison

Assistant Trainer

Gemma has retired from riding due to the various injuries that are inevitable for a jump jockey that does not lead a charmed life, but continues her involvement on the training side.

Andy Irvine

Assistant Trainer

Andy was a jockey much longer ago than Gemma, but now contents himself with the occasional local triathlon. He also has advanced skills in terrier and chicken herding.

Page Fuller

Stable Jockey

Despite the successes on the track in 2017/18, we did not have luck with riding arrangements. Firstly Will Featherstone gave up the uneven battle with the scales, and then Tommy Dowling suffered a serious back injury. Page stepped into the breach very successfully, and after having landed her second amateur title, she turned professional at the start of June 2018.

Maryana Rotaru

Marina joined us in 2014, following in the footsteps of her brother (Jymmy) and sister (Anca). She has a similar eventing background in Romania and she too has enthusiastically joined into the routine of a racing yard

Natalie Collings

Another returnee, Natalie worked at Shovelstrode in the past, but left to start a family. She has now returned on a part-time basis, and he experience of the way that we work is invaluable.

Work Riders

These slots are taken up by two former full time staff and one daughter. The returnees are Katie Fox and Serena Whiting, whilst the other is Charlotte Gracey-Davison. They also do their turn at taking the horses to the races, so perhaps listing them as work riders is not doing it justice.


They sit in the middle of the horse walker and entertain the horses whilst they are doing their turns. At least we hope that is the case, and we have received no complaints from horse or hen.